1. 50% deposit (25% non-refundable) is required to secure the booking. The balance is due a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event date. Where there is one month or less before the event takes place, full payment is required.
  2. If the payment of a deposit (or full fee) is delayed for any reason, will do their utmost to keep the booking and will contact you as much as is possible. However cannot guarantee to keep the booking unless a deposit is received.
  3. Once a payment has been received you will be notified as such and further information will follow to finalise all arrangements.
  4. Cancellation by the customer up to 4 weeks before the expedition or course will result in the loss of deposit. Cancellation between 4 and 1 week of the expedition or course will result in 25% refund of monies (assuming all monies have been paid). Cancellation within the last week before the expedition or course will result in loss of all monies paid.
  5. Cancellation by for matters that are within our control will result in a full refund of any monies paid.


  1. provides all the technical equipment to undertake all of our activities. The equipment is in 1st class condition and fit for purpose. All you need to provide is the kit that is identified on our ‘What to Bring’ link.
  2. The use of our equipment should only be within the remit of the activity, as identified by your guide. Any damage sustained to our equipment as a result of improper use, will result in you being charged to replace/repair the item.
  3. Rest days’ Any damage to our technical equipment during these times will be charged to the user.
  4. Buoyancy Aids must be worn at all times whilst on the water.


  1. Sea kayaking is a strenuous activity that requires both physical and mental strength. The customer takes full responsibility for choosing the right expedition for their ability. You must be realistic when assessing your current skills level, fitness and ability (see criteria on our website under Expeditions). Please contact us if you are unsure of your ability.
  2. Medical All clients are required to complete a medical information form prior to starting their expedition. You have a duty to disclose any medical information to us that may affect your participation, or other members of the group, in the expedition.
  3. Our guides are highly skilled and experienced and will give you tuition and coaching to facilitate a successful completion of your expedition. However, we are not offering a facility to tow our client/s for a full journey, so you must take primary responsibility for your forward motion.
  4. Ratios. work on a 1:6 ratio. This gives you an opportunity to develop your skills and our guide the opportunity to give a more personal experience to our clients.
  5. Familiarisation day. reserve the right to stop a customer participating in our expedition if we feel they do not have the skills, ability or fitness to undertake the expedition, without them impacting significantly on our staff or other clients. Conditions in (4 (above)) apply.
  6. Travelling speed. Our expedition days require us to travel 20 – 30km per day. In order to reach our destination in reasonable time, it requires us to travel between 4 and 6 Km per hour regardless of sea state or weather conditions
  7. Weather If the conditions are deemed (by the guide) as unsuitable to continue then reserve the right to cancel/curtail/change the route and itinerary based on the conditions and the ability of the group. However every opportunity will be taken to make the most of the sea conditions in order to make the most of the expedition whilst maintaining safety.
  8. Sickness. If a customer experiences a debilitating illness during the expedition (but not alcohol or drug related) which prevents them from being able to continue on the expedition, will facilitate and pay for their evacuation back to Koh Chang.

From Koh Chang onwards the customer is responsible for all medical and/or travel fees. All clients must have their own medical and travel insurance which covers them for sea kayaking in remote areas. Only the customer who is ill will be assisted with transport back to Koh Chang. Any illness or injury that is directly attributable to will be covered by our own insurance.

Please note that a number of islands on our expeditions are remote and have no immediate medical assistance or travel links.


  1. Food All meals on expedition are provided apart from breakfast, lunch and evening meal on the rest day(s) and familiarisation day. Clients are required to bring sufficient money to purchase their own meals on these days.
  2. Drinking water is supplied throughout the expedition.
  3. Accommodation accommodation is provided by for the familiarisation day and the remaining expedition days up to and including the final night prior to arriving back at The Amari Hotel on the final day of the expedition. Accommodation is in twin or double rooms – there is a single room supplement payable on booking.

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