3 Day

Familiarisation Day

Expedition days
Day 1
Klong Koi – Koh Klum -Koh Wai 18KM
Klong Koi is a Lovely beach on the south coast of Koh Chang. It is the starting point for all of our Multi-day expeditions. From the beach we are afforded a panoramic view of the Islands that await us. Once we have packed our kayaks and orientated ourselves we set out for Koh Klum, an open water crossing of 7km. This is a challenging start but none the less very achievable. Before you know it, the first of numerous Islands has been achieved.
Koh Klum has no human population. However it does have a dog, which is probably the most photographed dog in Thailand. It is a constant within our expeditions. Any food that is left over, she eats.
Having eaten and had a swim we continue our journey to Koh Wai. The crossing to Koh Wai is only a 4km crossing and is done in only a short time. On arriving we bear right along the south west coast, an eclectic contrast to the north coast, this stretch gives us much to enjoy – rocky outcrops, towering palms and stunning views of the south islands for 4 km. Our first destination on Koh Wai is probably one of the best snorkelling spots in the whole park. It is situated on the far Northeast coast and apart from the odd speed boat it is usually empty.
From this point we have just 2km to our resort for the night, Koh Wai Beach Resort: with hot water, AC, and Wi-Fi facilities.

Day 2
Koh Wai-Koh Lao Nai-Koh Chang 16.5 km
With Koh Chang watching over us, we begin with a short morning paddle 5km to a beautiful set of islands – Koh Lao Nai, with possibilities to snorkel, explore or just lay back and enjoy the sun. After lunch we set off on a coastal adventure, by now everyone is kayaking on form and making the most of the scattered rocks creating lovely play areas. A total of 11km guides us along the south coast of Koh Chang where we can visit Secret Beach, which is only accessible by boat. This evening is spent in the delightful bustling fishing village of Bang Bao in Bang Bao Paradise Home Stay.

Day 3
Koh Chang West Coast 14.5 km
We begin our day in a unique way by dropping straight from our beds into our boats (not really) . The west coast of Koh Chang has some of the most breathtaking rock formations in the National Park. With 8 Km of inaccessible coastline ahead, our journey up the west coast offers us ample opportunity to express ourselves. Gliding between rocks, carving turns, testing our skills against the waves, there are challenges for all abilities during this first section of the day. Playing in and with both the conditions and the environment we find ourselves in, is what kayaking is all about.
Alas the excitement ends as we make our way around Bailan Bay headland, one last flurry of interest presents itself as there are several shallow caves that have extensive bat populations. Lunch on lonely Beach, is our next port of call.
The remaining 3km back to The Emerald Cove offers us a time to reflect on our journey and revel in our achievement.


Day 1 : 18 km
Day 2 : 16.5 km
Day 3 : 14.5 km
Longest Crossing: 7 km


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